The Limestone Plains

Lake George was discovered by Joseph Wild, a notable bushman, on August 19, 1820.

The first recorded visit to the area was by Charles Throsby Smith, Joseph Wild and James Vaughan on Thursday 7th December, 1820.

Pastoral settlement began soon after, mostly sheep grazing. One of the first pastoralists to secure a property was Joshua John Moore on 16 December 1826.

Governor of New South Wales Ralph Darling in 1826 set the "Boundaries of the Colony The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser Saturday 17 October 1829

Small townships began to develop, including Queanbeyan, established in 1838, and Hall in 1882

In 1848 the NSW Governor outlined claims to leases of crown lands beyond the settled districts in the Murrumbidgee district. See The Government Gazette September 29, 1848

For more details see Early Exploration From Sydney to Canberra The Federal Capital Pioneer Magazine Saturday 20 August 1927