From the Age (Queanbeyan) during January and February 1905, there are number of references to Canberra Bush Fires Prevention Committee, which was made up of landed proprietors, these included Mr. Geo. Southwell, Mr. Sam Shumack, Mr. E. E. Hudson, Mr. G. Hatch, Mr. E. G Crace, Mr. Fred. Campbell and Mr. D. McDonald as secretary and treasurer.

On 28 October 1915 the Federal Territory Bush Fire Association was formed.
(from the Queanbeyan Age)

In November 1927 the Lands Department of the Federal Capital Commission setup the Bush Fire Organisation. see the Canberra Times articles here and here

On the 4 May 1940 The Careless Use of the A.C.T. Fire Ordinance, 1936-37, was amended to provide for the formation of a Bush Fire Council.

(From the Canberra Times 4 June 1940) ORDINANCES AND REGULATIONS - Notice of the gazettal of Ordinances and regulations was given as follows: ... ; and the Careless Use of Fire Ordinance, prescribing the appointment of a Bush Fire Council and defining its obligations and powers.

The severe bushfires which caused widespread damage in the Australian Capital Territory in January 1939, was the subject of enquiry by a Bush Fire Committee appointed by the Minister of State for the Interior, the Honorable J. McEwen, M.P.; among the recommendations was one favouring the appointment of a permanent Bush Fire Council to organise the prevention and suppression of bushfires in the A.C.T.

The inaugural meeeting of the Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades Association was held on 22 November 1984. Its orginal objectives/roles were

With the withdrawal of the CSIRO Division of Forest Research from the A.C.T. Bush Fire Council, The Fire Controllers Group inaugural meeting was held on Tuesday January 17 1995, to give representation to people and groups actively involved in fire suppression

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