Weather Related Calculators

The following Javascript/VBScript programs are freely available for use by any non-commerial fire-related department, organisation or individual.

The following are Javascript/VBScript Exercise's and though they have been tested no guarantees regarding the accuracy of the calculations are made. If there are any errors let me know.

Keetch–Byram Drought Index - EXCEL formula courtesy of BOM javascriptnew

Keetch–Byram Drought Index - Crane (1982) javascriptnew

Keetch–Byram Drought Index (1968) javascriptnew

Humidex-based Heat Stress Calculator javascriptnew

Drought Factor Calculator javascript

Humidity Calculator javascript

Celsius Heat Index Calculator javascript

Fahrenheit Heat Index Calculator javascript

Fahrenheit Heat Index Calculator VBscript

Calculating Wind Chill Factor - Celsius javascript

Calculating Wind Chill Factor - Fahrenheit javascript

Wind Speed Converter javascript

Last updated 14 October 2008