Individual Factors in Bushfire Fighters Health and Safety

Heat Stress

This appears to be the most common illness during wildfire operations. Dehydration and heat stress illness can be the result of a progressive deterioration that occurs over several days of reduced fluid intake, and can be compounded by other factors such as illnesses or medications.

Vehicle Accidents

In USA between 1990 & 1998 vehicle accidents:

Smoke Exposure


Injuries are one of the major perils of wildland firefighting, they: There are several major areas where injuries occur: Several of these injury areas can be related to fitness levels and fatigue. As firefighters become more fatigued from long hours of arduous work, they become less attentive to the small things that prevent injuries under different circumstances:

Toward a Safer and Healthier Firefighter Workforce

Dick Mangan
U.S. Forest Service
Missoula Technology & Development Center
Missoula, Montana USA

Highlights from Dick Mangan’s presentation, on 12th September 2000, at the fourth ACT Fire Controllers Group Safety Evening