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Billapaloola Fire near Tumut NSW 13th December 2006

Burnover (near miss) Billapaloola Fire near Tumut NSW

Mt Taylor (A.C.T.) 24 December 1998

A fire started on the south side of Mt Taylor at approximately 1pm, and quickly ran upslope to the top. A.C.T. Bushfire Tanker Forests 11 was working on the eastern side attempting to stop the flank jumping a track and spreading to Athlon Drive, when a air hose split on the brake line, which locked the brakes on. The driver was unable to move the tanker, and the fire then burnt past the tanker.

A.C.T. Bushfire Tanker Forests 11

Ian McArthur, ACT Bushfire Service DCFCO

Jervis Bay (N.S.W.) 6 December 1994

In early December 1994 a hazard reduction burn had been completed in an old pine clearfall block with the intention of revegetating the block with native vegetation. The burn was successful under fairly mild conditions, but continued to smoulder for several days.

On Tuesday 6 December, a very High Fire Danger day, several spot fires started in an adjacent logged compartment, which had not been burnt. A crew in a light unit was suppressing these spot fires, one of which was to far from the track. The crew drove the unit off the track to suppress the spot fire and the unit became hung up on a stump. They were unable to extricate the unit, and as the fire was approaching, they abandoned the unit.

Burnt out wreck of Jervis Bay 28 (Toyota Light Unit)

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