Table One - Chronology of Burnover Incidents in Australia
21 Feb 1948 Wistow, South Australia. Mount Barker Emergency Fire Unit destroyed by fire, crew uninjured.
2 Jan 1955 Mount Barker, South Australia. Mount Barker EFS No1 Unit trapped by fire with 2 crew injured
2 Jan 1955 Kingston, South Australia. 2 civilian trucks carrying wet bag firefighters are overrun by fire with 1 killed and 14 injured.
5 April 1958 Wandilo, South Australia. 3 Forestry department trucks destroyed with 3 survivors and 8 deaths.
25 Jan 1961 Mount Lofty, South Australia. Mount Barker Unit severely scorched in burnover without crew inj.
15 Mar 1964 Mount Beevor, South Australia. Brukunga Tanker destroyed by fire with one crew injury.
22 Feb 1980 Longwood, South Australia. Bridgewater Tanker destroyed by fire with 5 crew injured. The nearby Upper Sturt 28 was also severely scorched in the same incident.
22 Feb 1980 Longwood, South Australia. Mylor EFS light 4x4 seriously scorched when abandoned by crew following petrol vaporisation. There were no crew injuries.
3 Nov 1980 Waterfall, New South Wales. Headquarters 81 Tanker destroyed and 5 crew killed.
15 Feb 1981 Mingbool, South Australia. Suttontown CFS Tanker seriously scorched and 4 crew injured
9 Jan 1983 Grays Point, New South Wales. Heathcote 81 Tanker destroyed with 3 killed and 6 injured
16 Feb 1983 Upper Beaconsfield, Victoria. Panton Hill and Narre Warren Tankers destroyed with 12 killed
16 Feb 1983 Mount Bonython, South Australia. Carey Gully Tanker destroyed with 1 killed and 3 injured
16 Feb 1983 McLaren Flat, South Australia. Echunga Tanker scorched with 2 crew injured
16 Feb 1983 Tea Tree Gully, South Australia. Tea Tree Gully Tanker destroyed without crew injury when abandoned following breakdown
16 Feb 1983 Eight Mile Creek, South Australia. Eight Mile Creek Tanker damaged and 2 crew injured by burnover
16 Feb 1983 Ansteys Hill, South Australia. Cudlee Creek Tanker destroyed by fire with one crew injury following breakdown.
16 Feb 1983 Branxholme, Victoria. Private fire truck destroyed by fire with 1 crew killed fleeing on foot.
1990 Ridgeway, New South Wales. RFS Tanker seriously scorched in burnover with no crew injury.
22 Sept 1991 Toolara, Queensland. 2 Forestry Department light 4x4 units destroyed by fire with 3 crew injured
8 Nov 1994 Beerwah, Queensland. The Coochin & Bells Creek Tanker was damaged and the Palmwoods light 4x4 was destroyed by fire with all 10 crew burned, one critically.
1995/6 Serpentine; Armidale Fire, Western Australia. 1 crew member killed
21 Jan 1997 Creswick, Victoria. Glen Park Tanker destroyed with survival of all 5 crew uninjured.
2 Dec 1997 Gwabegar, New South Wales. State Forests Tanker FC 5296 destroyed by fire with 2 crew injured.
1 Jan 1998 Wingello, New South Wales. Wingello Tanker destroyed by fire with 1 killed and 7 injured.
2 Dec 1998 Linton, Victoria. Snake Valley Tanker damaged by fire with 3 crew injured
2 Dec 1998 Linton, Victoria. Geelong West Tanker destroyed by fire and all 5 crew killed. The nearby Geelong City Tanker was also scorched, but without crew injury.